Benches Price List


The price of the color is 10% higher than that of the “Brown Standard color,” and there might be slight variations in the color compared to the swatches provided.



Garden Benches

1.4m Standard, 1.7m Standard, 2m Standard, 1.4m Standard with Armrest, 1.7m Standard with Armrest, 2m Standard with Armrests, 1.4m Comforter with Armrests, 1.6m Comforter with Armrests, 1.8m Comforter with Armrests, 2m Comforter with Armrests, 1.2m Classic (King Bench), 1.4m Classic (King Bench), 1.6m Classic (King Bench), 1.8m Classic (King Bench), 3.0m Classic (King Bench), 1.4m Low Bench for Toddlers

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