Picnic Tables Price List


The price of the color is 10% higher than that of the “Brown Standard color,” and there might be slight variations in the color compared to the swatches provided.

Picnic Tables

4 seater 1.2m Classic, 4 to 6 seater 1.4m Classic, 6 Seater 1.6m Classic, 6 seater 1.7m, 8 seater 1.9m Classic, 8 seater 1.9m, 4 seater 1.2m Modern, 6 Seater 1.6m Modern, Eight sided table with loose benches with backrest, Low 4 to 8 seater for Toddlers 1.2m, Six sided set 2200 x 1925 (table 1240 x 1080

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